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October 19 2017


Motor Club Of America Advantages

The MCA Motor Club Of America is a road-side assistance and benefits program similar to other motor club plans. Managed through the Vital Connection (TVC), they offer roadside assistance, medical and death benefits, pharmacy discounts, car rental assistance plus more, all for $9.95 to $19.95 monthly.
The Motor Club of the usa was going in the 1920s and became the club today because of the influences of David Kircher and Virgil Coffee. They provided insurance for truckers for years before providing individual automobile insurance starting in 2011.
Efforts MCA Security, MCA Security Plus, MCA Total Security provided insurance for individual in Canada, america, and Puerto Rico.

Great things about Roadside Assistance Program
The plans provide never ending hours of advantages. They feature legal benefits and protection along with an additional 10-50% off at repair locations round the country. They feature 24/7 roadside assistance, with towing up to 100 miles, or 36,500 miles each year. They cover trailers of all too, for better road coverage.
The MCA Motor Club Of the usa provides daily hospital benefits approximately $150 daily, credit card protection around $1000, bonds and bail approximately $25,000, covered attorney fees around $2000, 50% off auto rental, Travel assistance reimbursement up to $500, dental and prescription discounts, stolen car rewards as much as $5000, and Emergency care costs approximately $500 resulting from any sort of accident. Most of these are covered even just in the most basic package.
With benefits covering every facets of driving (tickets, repairs, hotels, towing, emergency costs, or attorney costs) and then some that won't affect driving (dentist and prescription discounts, and also life insurance coverage),the MCA Motor Club Of Americahas turn into a major road-side assistance program . When as well as 24/7 roadside assistance and 100 miles of towing, the MCA Motor Club Of Americais your best option for travel-related insurance as well as the cost effective, with a meagre $19.95 a month cost.
For details about Motor Club Of America take a look at our site.

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